A note from the CEO

Folks, we designed iHelp from the ground up to best serve businesses, and to help them improve their customer communications, and in turn improve customer satisfaction, and of course, sales.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a profound statement recently. Here it goes. ‘Customer satisfaction is the leading indicator of company’s success, ahead of even revenues.’ Revenues are actually lagging indicators. If your customers are happy, revenues follow.

I guarantee that you can improve customer communication and satisfaction if you can use iHelp the right way.


Whether you are a restaurant, retailer or any business that needs to take calls or attend to customer queries from outside, or even inside the premises, you can benefit from iHelp. Keep a tablet or a computer next to your POS device or at any convenient location. Download the iHelp app*, create a business account and stay logged in, and encourage your customers to contact your business on iHelp. Have someone knowledgeable respond ASAP to customer messages. The same person who answers your calls can double up as the person to do the messages. You will hear a chime every time you get a message, attend to it. You can even enable multiple staff to respond, each, separately via their mobile or desktop devices.


Messaging is more productive than a call for many use cases. Everyone dislikes the dreaded call hold. Let us all KILL THE HOLD.


* Note: Apps are available for iOS and Android devices. For desktops and Windows tablets, point to the URL http://ihelpapp.comxdesign.com.

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