Free Real-time Chat Widget for Customer Support

Chat Widget is a live support feature that not only makes a website livelier, but also helps businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. Embedding a chat widget on your website could be the coolest thing you would be doing today. Businesses can help visitors chat with their customer support directly, help them solve queries and simultaneously promote their business.


How Does a Chat Widget work usually?

A user lands on your website and clicks on the Chat Widget when encountered with a problem or with a question about your product/service. A staff would typically respond to chat requests, and thereby ensure quick customer grievance addressal. All you need to do is, embed a chat widget on your website. By embedding the iHelp Chat Widget, you can chat with your customers imediately in your browser or via the iHelp mobile app.


Easy access

As more and more customers are demanding end to end customer service packages, it is important for websites to grab the opportunity and offer live chat support services. iHelp Chat Widget can be easily embedded into every page of your website. Customers can reach a live staff with a single click on the web page or via the iHelp mobile app. This is a much preferred option than calling a call center or shooting an email.


Staff Role

Effective staff communication through chat widgets can maximize the potential of converting web‐based queries into potential customers. While adding chat widget to a website, the main challenge is in providing good quality customer service. Back end staff play a key role in keeping the customers engaged as well as satisfying their queries impromptu. iHelp’s inter-staff chat feature makes back-end communication within staff members effective. You can add staff easily to increase response rates and to keep your business available at all times.


Staff Hand-over Functionality

Staffs, working round the clock in shifts, would ensure that each customer is catered to. Staff members also can hand-over certain customer queries to the concerned departments to help assist customers better.


iHelp Chat Widget is absolutely FREE. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code on your website. Integrate iHelp chat widget on your web page today and instantly connect to your online customers.

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