Hoteliers, The Future Of Hospitality Is Here. It’s Called iHelp.

Hoteliers, The Future Of Hospitality Is Here. It’s Called iHelp.


We can all agree that many if not all hotel guests bring their phones with them when they travel. Moreover, recent studies show that over 65% of consumers prefer messaging a business for customer service over calling or emailing. Clearly most travelers would prefer using their phones to contact their hotel’s customer service. So why aren’t hoteliers switching over to messaging?


Well… they’re trying. But with no easy way to directly connect with guests via messaging, they’ve had to seek out their own means for getting in touch. Some hotels have gone so far as to develop their own messaging apps. Marriott, for example, now promotes direct messaging between guests and hotel staff. They’re one of many hotels trying to adapt to new consumer preferences in order to keep customer satisfaction rates up. But what if there’s an easier way?


Out Of Touch? Start iHelp!


With iHelp, our free business-to-consumer messaging app, guests can contact the front desk for immediate customer service the way today’s customers like it. Imagine your guest is out at dinner when they realize they need to order a few more pillows or request another night’s stay. Rather than call or email, they can get in touch with the front desk as easily as sending a message via iHelp. The same concierge answering phones and emails can respond in real time via mobile phone, tablet, or front desk computer.


Hospitality by definition is,the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”. With iHelp, your customer service is the very essence of this definition.


Note from the CEO


“Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a profound statement recently. ‘Customer satisfaction is the leading indicator of a company’s success, ahead of even revenues.’ Revenues are actually lagging indicators. If your customers are happy, revenues follow. I guarantee you’ll not only maintain, but improve customer satisfaction and the success of your company with iHelp.” – Raghu Kulkarni


Ready to get in touch? iHelp is available on iOS, Android, or the web. For assistance with setting up your business profile and iHelpID, you can contact us anytime at

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