iHelp messaging service – connecting businesses with consumers over chat!

Isn’t it interesting how every time we need to find a service, we whip out our phone and start googling the service we want, followed with words like  ‘nearby’,  ‘closest’, ‘near me’ and phrases like that? Well, the reason lies in our expectations for getting things instantly and in relevance, especially when mobile devices have put the world of information at our finger tips.

That explains why every time we do a search – be it an electronic item or a coffee shop, a plumber or making a restaurant reservation – we want it in our vicinity and we want it FAST!

Now, if you can relate to this act-now moments, we have iHelp for you!


Introducing iHelp

iHelp, a mobile application that  connects businesses with consumers over chat to get things done. It helps consumers search for different services listed with iHelp directly, and lets businesses address customer needs and build loyalty at no cost. It’s that simple!


iHelp for business

Businesses and individual service providers can list their business profile on iHelp. Your business will get listed for potential customers, based on their search and location. This lets you go easy on those expensive marketing strategies and resources. iHelp brings your business the opportunity to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere.  In fact, it’s the ability to directly connect with people locally through mobile devices that makes iHelp the right fit for small businesses.

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