The Millennial Mobile Traveler

Connecting Your Business to the Millennial Mobile Traveler

Do you ever wish you could stop the world from turning, or at least slow the pace of emerging platforms and technologies that force shifts in the way businesses communicate with their customers? With companies like Airbnb sweeping in on the travel market and social platforms like Facebook advertising competitors to your customers, how do you raise the flag for your business and stand out?

Aside from keeping a strong presence on your socials, and advertising within your budget, you need to create a seamless way for customers to communicate with you. That means offering strong omni-channel support. That means going mobile. In fact, a TripAdvisor survey found that 46% of U.S. hoteliers have plans to expand their mobile offerings, and quite a few hotels have already recognized texting as the key to connecting with the millennial mobile traveler.

New Generations are Paving the Way We Communicate

Statistics show the growth of millennial travelers to be exponential. Adjusting to these mobile crusaders is crucial. As David Chapman, Director General at WYSE Travel Confederation , stated in 2014, “Young travelers of the millennial generation represent 20% of international travelers,” meaning a fifth of travelers are of the mobile using bent. “By 2020,” he continued. “320 million international trips are expected to be made by youth travelers each year, a staggering 47% increase from 217 million in 2013.” Now in 2016, we see these numbers continuing to increase. With messaging tools being a trending topic in the travel industry, adapting to millennial preferences for mobile support is the inevitable next step.

Millennials are a generation blessed with convenience at their fingertips as technological advances continue to make face-to-face communication a thing of the past. That means catering to mobile users can be the deciding factor on whether or not they will choose your hotel or restaurant over another. There are 73 million millennials in the United States alone, making them the largest living generation at 25% of the U.S. population. With an average annual spending of $200 billion (U.S Chamber Foundation estimate), it is a marketer’s dream to tap into this goldmine demographic. The key lies in giving them what they want, the way they want.

You Want It, You Got It. Just Message Away.

The easier you make a customer support exchange, the easier it is for a customer to justify choosing you over a competitor. Your customers live in a noisy world. They want their exchanges with you to be quick and painless. SMS support is the answer.

Let’s look at the numbers: 90% of people worldwide text at least once a day. Moreover, 8.3 trillion text messages will be sent in this year alone. That’s almost 23 billion messages per day, or almost 16 million messages per minute (Portio Research). Texting isn’t just a trend. It’s the future of communication. Mobile support creates a seamless experience between you and your customers that will maximize satisfaction and earn loyalty. It is proven that customers are more prone to trusting a business and finalizing a purchase when their customer support experience has been quick and easy. What’s easier than sending a text?

Why is iHelp your best option for joining this movement?

With iHelp, communication between you and your customers is seamless. We open the door for your guests, with help being just a message away. Whether your guests are requesting items be sent to their room, extending their stay, expressing a complaint, or simply saying thank you, they can do so through their mobile device with ease. We pride ourselves on providing the most seamless customer platform at the most competitive price, with in-app messaging as well as traditional SMS messaging so you can cater to all mobile users. Our business dashboard is easy to use and requires no integration. Don’t let the opportunity to connect with millennial travelers pass you by. Download the free version of iHelp today here or contact for a quote on our SMS versions.


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