iHelp ID – Makes it easy for customers to reach your business

Are you looking for a solution, that can help customers directly reach your business, so that you can provide instant service to them and remain ahead of your competitors?

Yes, if you are looking for one such way, then iHelp can definitely help you to make your business easily reachable to customers and build lasting client relationship. But for that you need to integrate iHelp ID first.

So, what is iHelp ID?

A iHelp ID is a unique identification code set by businesses to make it easier for consumers to find them on the iHelp app instantly. Businesses can share their iHelp ID with potential customers to start building client relationships faster.

For example, a coffee shop named StarCoffee can have their iHelp ID as follows

iHelp ID : StarCoffee

How to use iHelp ID?

Share your iHelp ID

Share your unique iHelp ID with all your customers directly, or send it via email as a link. Your customers can view your business details and initiate chat on iHelp app.


iHelp ID link example:



Use on your web pages / mobile apps

Create your own graphics and link them with the iHelp ID share link, or use iHelp banners on your website and have your customers connect to you with a click.

Wall Stickers

Have iHelp stickers put up on your window or office door where customers pass by every day. These stickers display your iHelp ID, with which your customers can reach you.

Marketing materials

Have your iHelp ID printed on your business cards, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials, for your customers to reach out to you on iHelp.

Make customers easily find you on iHelp via iHelp IDGet iHelp ID for your business today !

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